Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Reviewed by Emily Terasa (Library Staff)

Red Rising by Pierce Brown is the first book in a planned trilogy that focuses on a young man Darrow, and his quest for justice after society wronged him. Darrow lives on Mars, where everyone does a specific job based on their “color”. Darrow is a red, the lowliest color, and he is practically a slave. The Reds have been told that they are helping to make Mars habitable for the rest of the colors, especially the Golds who rule. But when Darrow makes his way to the surface, he realizes that everything he believed in was a lie, and he vows revenge on the Golds who took away everything he loved. This book is a dystopian novel that teens and adults will enjoy if they love action, turmoil, friendship, and strategy. The second book in the trilogy, Golden Son has recently been released and continues the story of Darrow and his fight for revenge.

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC BROWN, PIERCE)

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