Powers of a Girl by Lorraine Cink & Alice X. Zhang

Reviewed by Melissa Beck (Library Staff)

This beautiful little book is a biography of 65 fictional ladies who grace the pages of the Marvel Universe, from Captain Marvel and Black Widow to Valkyrie and (my personal favorite) Squirrel Girl.

Each biography is supplemented with gorgeous illustrations, including a breathtaking full page portrait of each dangerous dame. Alice X. Zhang magically captures the beauty, strength, and personality of each character in her colorful, broad-stroked style.

As someone who has read a handful of superhero comics but isn’t well-versed in the multiverse, I appreciated the succinct backgrounds on the often confusing histories of our heroes, which are sometimes ridiculously over the top, even for superheroes. The humorous, conversational tone kept me interested, although I did find the “Girl Power” message to be a little grating and heavy-handed for my taste.

Located in Graphic Novels (GRAPHIC MARVEL)

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