Potion Explosion

Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

Exam time has arrived in the school of alchemists, can you pass the test and claim head student status? Players in Potion Explosion select marbles to fill spaces on their beakers. Once the beaker has all the correct ingredient marbles they can then use those potions to help them collect additional marbles. On your turn you can select one marble to take from the dispenser and you get to keep any ingredients that explode. An explosion occurs when two marbles of the same color touch after a marble is removed. At first this game seems really simple, collect color sets to get the most potions completed, however, once you start to play you discover a hidden depth of strategy that comes into play via using the completed potions to maximize the explosions each turn. This game is easily the third most played game that I own. I wouldn’t hesitate to pull this game out with a young family or a group of distinguished gamers; I have yet to find someone who can resist the challenge of causing as many marbles as possible to crash together. Check it out today and don’t forget to tell me your high score of the night!

Located in Board Games (GAME POTION)

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