Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

This review will be posted for a while so, for context, Covid is still very much a concern right now and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. During stressful and challenging times, even just the theme song of a favorite show will help put me at ease. I’ve been rewatching Arrested Development and Parks & Recreation for the umpteenth time. If you are seeking brief, light-hearted shows where you can count on comedic relief, I recommend both of these. Arrested Development in particular has a lot of masked humor, foreshadowing and jokes that grow from one episode to the next. Even though I’ve seen it so many times, I continue to notice things I’ve somehow haven’t picked up before, it really just keeps giving. If you’d like another reference, BuzzFeed calls it, “The Cleverest Program on Television.”

Available through the Bridges Library System

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