Pandemic (Board Game)

Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

Pandemic is my all-time absolutely favorite board game. I have never turned down an opportunity to bring this game to the table and I hope to convince you, dear patron, that you also should give this Matt Leacock original game a staring roll in your future game nights.

When you open up Pandemic you become a team of CDC workers trying to save the world from four virulent virus strains that are wreaking havoc with the world population. You and your teammates need to search for cures, collect five city cards of the same color, treat diseases by removing clues in a city, and finally cure the disease by turning in the five city cards at a research center. While your frantically work on treating, researching, and just trying to make it from turn to turn, the game is actively working against you.

This cooperative game is a great gateway game to introduce people to a whole new world of games. Each player’s strengths leads to a better chance to win for the whole team allowing different levels of strategic thinkers to play together without getting overwhelmed or being defeated by an overly competitive teammate. This game only plays up to four players which makes it harder for a large group. I should mention in all fairness that for all the years I’ve been playing this game I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve won and each victory is a sweet memory I treasure.

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