Pair The Brothers Grimm with Second Chance

Diane recommends a free Hoopla rental to pair with a board game you can play right now.

The Grimm Brothers make their living helping small villages get rid of monsters from fairy tales. The catch is that the monsters that are haunting the villagers are really part of the troop of actors that the brothers have sent in advance of their arrival, at least until the French army catches up with them. The true adventure begins when real magical happenings start to occur in a forest and the Grimm Brothers are persuaded at knifepoint to investigate these mysteries.

Younger brother Jake recognizes the elements of the stories that are being told and convinces his older brother Will that the only way to save the day is to give him a true second chance, making it an ideal backdrop to pair with the roll and write game Second Chance by Stronghold Games. 

The game pairs a 9×9 grid with trinomio shapes drawn on cards. One player draws two cards and everyone gets to pick which one they want to draw. However, if you can’t fit either of the shapes shown on the cards into your grid then you get a second chance card and the game proceeds until no one can use their second chance card. 

Check out The Brothers Grimm on Hoopla and print Second Chance cards from here. To join us at a roll & write game night from home, see if we have anything coming up on our events page.

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