Pair Make No Bones and Detective

Diane recommends a free Hoopla rental to pair with a board game you can play right now.

Make No Bones by Aaron Elkins is part of an amateur detective book series that falls just outside the line of cozy mystery and into the category of scientific fiction. This series can be found on Hoopla in both ebook and audiobook formats.

Gideon Oliver is a full professor of physical anthropology who enjoys nothing more than studying old bones–the older the better and best measured in centuries if you please.  Over the years Gideon has managed to earn the title “Skeleton Detective” by helping out the police when they find a skeleton and don’t have their own expert near.

Make No Bones finds Gideon and his wife Julie making plans to attend the annual WAFA (Western Association of Forensic Anthropologists) Conference that is to take place at the same location as the first ill-fated conference.  Unfortunately for Gideon Oliver, his conference plans are interrupted when he stumbles across a grave site on a morning walk. Our sleuth must sort through twelve years of evidence and figure out whose remains were found and why–a task made all the more difficult when all of the main suspects are his colleagues.

Sorting through evidence, interviewing witnesses, and examining crime scenes digitally is at the heart of Detective: a Modern Crime Board Game by Portal Games where players take on the role of detective and try to solve the crime before time runs out. 

The unique makeup of this app-supported board game makes it ideal for long distance videoconference sessions. Portal Games have made a printable case available that doesn’t require the base game. Print that case here.

Check out Make No Bones on Hoopla and print Detective from here. To join us at a roll & write game night from home, see if we have anything coming up on our events page.

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