One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus

Reviewed by Kelsey (Library Staff)

Five teens with seemingly little to no connection to each other serve detention together one day, but before their time is up, one of them is dead. The question that plagues the characters, as well as the reader as the point of view switches from witnesses Bronwyn to Cooper to Nate to Addy, is: Who is responsible for Simon’s death? The only other person in the room was their teacher; he had left to check on a car crash that happened right outside the classroom window just as Simon drank from a cup laced with peanut oil, to which he was fatally allergic. Secrets from each character’s life – Cooper, the jock; Addy, the princess; Bronwyn, the brain; and Nate, the criminal – are revealed as the story progresses, several of which come to light through Simon’s gossip blog. But how can these secrets be published when Simon, the only person with administrative access to the blog, is six feet under? In their attempt to find out the truth, the four survivors of that fateful detention become unlikely friends and allies as one of them gets arrested for Simon’s murder. This novel will speak volumes to teen readers about the implication of spreading truth and lies, and how to avoid the pitfalls of stereotypes.
Karen McManus drew upon her love of the film “The Breakfast Club” to create a modern-day reincarnation whose thrilling pace and intriguing character development will be sure to linger long after the reader finds out the truth – about everything.

Located in Teen Fiction (TEEN FIC MCMANUS)

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