Not Your White Jesus: Following a Radical, Refugee Messiah by Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Reviewed by Jayne S (Library Staff)

The author reminds readers that Jesus was a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew, who according to the Gospels, spread the message of love and acceptance to EVERYONE. He was not white, homophobic, American, or trying to Make America Great Again. American White Christian Churches are not following the red letters of the Gospel, but rather politicizing and interpreting Christianity to suit the American White Christian elite.

The author writes in the first person format, and freely admits that these are her strong viewpoints. You may not like her bluntness, but she explains her reasoning well, and at the very least, makes the reader think.

Chapters cover such social issues as racism, abortion, refugees, nationalism, violence, consumerism, misogyny and the American Dream mentality.

After I read the book, I spent time reflecting on her views. I now better understand why I am so disheartened with American politics and religion. It is the self-serving interpretations.

The author’s last chapter is named “Be the Change”. To truly make the world a better place American Christians need to go back the goodness of Jesus, I agree.

Located in Adult Nonfiction (277.3 ROS)

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