Nonsense! The Curious Story of Edward Gorey by Lori Mortensen

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

This title was recommended to me by another DPL staff member and as soon as she slid it towards me, I was absorbed with Chloe Bristol’s illustrations. The style just borders on creepy which is the essence of the real life subject of this biography, Edward Gorey. The characters are rail thin with elongated feet and facial expressions that draw you in. They look slightly melancholy at times which embodies what Gorey believed, life isn’t always sunshine, rainbows and happy endings. “To Edward, the world was an uncertain place where anything might happen.” This was the primary reason people didn’t care for his work, they found him and his stories weird.

This biography carries an important message; being different is not bad and that you must keep doing what you love, even when the world tries to dissuade you.

Fans of Tim Burton will adore this book; the characters are reminiscent of those in the Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and the Corpse Bride.

Located in Children’s Picture Books (E MORTENSEN)

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