No Sunscreen for the Dead by Tim Dorsey

Reviewed by Jayne S (Library Staff)

If you like reading wacky, off-the-wall crime fiction, here is a book for you.

Serge and Coleman are violent psychopaths who eliminate the bad guys in their home state while helping out the good people of Florida.

Serge decides to look for a trailer community for his early retirement and meets some of the ‘greatest generation’ – whom he greatly admires. When he realizes that some of these senior citizens are being swindled, he takes action to make things right – which includes getting money back at gunpoint and ending the perpetrators’ lives in horrific style.

In addition, there is another story line switching back and forth from 1970 to present. A young American is recruited to work as a Russian spy, and eventually ends up living at the same retirement park that Serge is visiting.

Serge’s fast-paced dialogue and crazy observations are sprinkled throughout the book. The author’s imagination has made Serge and Coleman into a most intriguing duo.

I liked this book for a change-of-pace read. Try it. This is a series, so if Tim Dorsey’s style hooks you in, there are more titles to read.
Available through the BRIDGES Library System

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