No Exit (2022)

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

Fingers white-knuckling the searing wheel in a snowstorm, Darby has hit her rock bottom. A drug addiction has torn her from her family, leaving her to choose between a halfway house and prison. While in the halfway house, she gets a text from her sister; their mom had an aneurism and is dying in the hospital.

Darby has a choice to make. Escape the halfway house knowing it will send her to prison or never say goodbye to her mom. She chooses the former and drives through snaky mountain roads until the storm is so thick she cannot see and forces her to ride out a few hours at a rest stop.

There she accidentally finds a kidnapped girl, tied up and freezing in a van outside the rest stop. The temperature continues to plummet and there’s a medical alert bracelet on the little girl’s arm. Whoever has done this is one of the four people she is stranded with. Darby struggles through truly impossible odds and is faced with her second monumental choice- drugs or, most likely, death?

This movie comes full circle with a heroic protagonist and is well worth the tense, suspense filled ride. Weeks after seeing this film, I’m still astounded and impressed with Darby’s strength.

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