New Reviews by Our Teen Patrons

For the summer reading program, one of the activities our teens can do to earn DPL dollars is to write reviews. Here are a few of them!

Black Panther / Christopher Priest

Reviewed by Jake R

I thought this book was great; I liked it because there was a lot of action and detail in the book. At one part in the story there was a massive fight scene that went way in detail. Towards the start of the book it tells you all the stuff you need to know for the for the first couple of pages to understand what is going on. I have a medium amount of knowledge in this area and I think that anyone who likes superheroes will like this novel.

Located in Graphic Novels (GRAPHIC BLACK PANTHER)

Froggy Plays Soccer / Jonathan London

Reviewed by Anonymous

I thought that is was very funny at times and he is really persistent to help his team win. I liked it because it had a lot of onomatopoeia’s. Like when the ball hit Froggy‘s head in the book, it said ”bonk” to show that it hit his head. I think it’s nice bedtime story for kids that want a good laugh.

Available through the Bridges Library System

Ripper / Stefan Petrucha

Reviewed by Charlotte M

I liked Ripper because Carver Young has to stop his father from killing more innocent women with the help of a friend, the orphanage bully, and his adopted father, famous Pinkerton Agency Detective Stephan Hawking. Someone who might enjoy this book is anyone who likes mystery and suspense.

Available through the Bridges Library System

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