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For the Teen Program during the Summer Reading Program, one of the tasks the teens can accomplish is to write a review for our blog. Here are some more!

The Mysterious Benedict Society / Trenton Lee Stewart

Reviewed by Jessica H.

The Mysterious Benedict Society is a book that would be enjoyed by anyone who loves adventure and mystery. The main plot line is about four children, Kate, Reynie, Sticky, and Constance, who all find themselves taking a test that offers “special opportunities” for gifted children. Throughout the whole book, these four children take great risks to help their friend, Mr. Benedict, by whom the children were bound together. I liked this book because of all the unexpected turns that it takes, and all of the mystery, humor, and creativity involved.

Located in Children’s Fiction and Paperbacks (J FIC STEWART BK.1 and J PBK STEWART BK.1)

Among the Hidden / Margaret Haddix

Reviewed by Anonymous

I really enjoyed this book. It is science fiction and is about a boy named Luke Gardener. Where he lives, it is illegal to have more than two children because of the lack of food, but he is a third child of his family and has been hidden away for years! He has many neighbors, but they don’t even know that he exists. Later, at his next door neighbors house, he sees a face of a girl and he doesn’t know her. He already knows that there are two kids living their, so this makes him wonder, are there other third born children living in other houses?

Located in Children’s Fiction and Paperbacks (J FIC HADDIX BK.1 and J PBK HADDIX BK.1)

Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise / Anders Ericsson and Robert Poole

Reviewed by Jocelyn H.

Ericsson and Poole spent years studying what distinguishes exceptional performers from everyone else, and this book is a compilation of the things they found. Never failing to entertain and fascinate, they explore chess grand masters who can play dozens of games in their heads at once, mnemonists who can memorize hundreds of digits upon hearing them, timeless musicians such as Mozart and Paganini, and many more, unlocking the secrets of what makes certain people extraordinary.

This book would be especially useful for people interested in psychology, but it is a great read for anyone. It is enjoyable and informative and contains a lot of unique information that is making a historic mark on the nature versus nurture debate.

Available through the BRIDGES Library System

A Dog’s Purpose / W. Bruce Cameron

Reviewed by Olivia

This was a very good book for multiple reasons. One this book was very detailed and it had a good combo of sad and exciting.

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC CAMERON)

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