New Reviews by Our Teen Patrons

For the Teen Program during the Summer Reading Program, one of the tasks the teens can accomplish is to write a review for our blog. Here are some more!

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

Reviewed by Sadie

This book takes you on an adventure! With a girl named Sophie who can read minds. Who doesn’t belong where she is. But when a mysterious boy comes along and shows her to a new world . With beings like her. But she has to say good bye to everything she knows. What will she do?

Located in Children’s Paperbacks (J PBK MESSENGER)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Reviewed by Anonymous

I read the book Harry Potter and it was a book about a boy who went on a adventure and I would rate it a 4 of 5 and it is for 12 and over.

Located in Children’s Fiction and Paperbacks (J FIC ROWLING and J PBK ROWLING)

Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans

Reviewed by Britain F

All of the action was entertaining.

Available through the Bridges Library System

Dolphin Dreams by Catherine Hapka

Reviewed by Anonymous

I loved the book Dolphin Dreams. I liked this book because it showed life lessons and had an interesting twist to it. Most books I know have a peak in the middle of the story, and then climb down from there, but this book had exciting places all over, and the climax of the story was near the end. This book also showed two narrators, and switched between the two.

Two teenage girls meet in a cove, both struggling through personal problems, and become close friends. They work together to solve their difficulties, but then they realize they are not the only one in need of help. Their dolphin friend has some issues of her own that they girls take responsibility of. During the story, their different personalities clash, and arguments come up. The story is based upon whether they can put aside their differences to save their dolphin friend.

I have read fiction all my life, and am experienced with it. Any teenager who is looking for excitement or life lessons would enjoy this book. Happy readings!

Available through the BRIDGES Library System

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by Lara K

The Hunger Games is the first book in a thrilling trilogy filled with suspense, adventure, and rebellion. I loved this first book because it keeps you wanting to know more about the daring characters after they pour their heart and soul out during the book. Since the events are ever changing and exhilarating this book will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end and make you want to read more! I recommend this book to anyone looking for a new favorite or good read.

Located in Teen Fiction (TEEN FIC COLLINS)



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