Movie Reviews from Diane (that you can watch today!)

Our librarian Diane has reviewed a few movies you can watch on different streaming services (including some free ones!)

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box (2014)

A mysterious stranger crashes into the Mundi’s home and nothing is the same for Mariah after that as his parents are taken, he and his brother are forced to make a run for it. However, the situation goes from bad to worse when the brothers get split up and Mariah is forced to team up with the
Mysterious Captain Will in order to rescue his brother and maybe save the world. Brilliant disguises, hidden rooms, untried heroes, and an island at the center of it all makes this a nice diversion, fans of Compass South by Hope Larkin will see a lot of similarities.

This movie can be streamed on Hoopla, Amazon Video, and Tubi Streaming app.

The Magic of Belle Isle (2012)

Magic of Belle Isle is a classic ‘summer that changed your life’ story. A famous writer of westerns, Monty Wildhorn, is spiraling down, not sure what to do with his life now that his main character has stopped talking to him. He rents a house for the summer on an island which is a mix of summer folks and life time residents. His closest neighbor is a newly divorcing mother of three who relocated herself and three daughters to the house she grew up in. Monty is a curmudgeon, who uses his wit to engage with different members of the community even as he tells himself he is actively avoiding contacts and is above it all. Fin, the middle daughter, wants to be a storyteller and reaches out to Monty forging a fragile connection through which the magic of summer and genuine kind people come together to help each of them find what they need to move past the heartache and problems they carried into the summer onto a hopeful path. Although not the usual style of movie I watch I found this one engaging and although it did employ several trite mechanisms the dialog and characters pulled it off in a way that felt uplifting and hopeful earning it a place in my digital collection right next to my copy of El Dorado, as cowboys and curmudgeons stick together.

You can find the Magic of Belle Isle on the free streaming services of PlutoTV, Tubi and soon the library sponsored, Hoopla.

Mind Hunters (2004)

I’m a sucker for an Agatha Christie reimagining and Mind Hunters delivers a fresh look at And Then There Were None. A team of FBI hopefuls are sent to an island as a final exercise to see who would make the cut and become one of the elite profilers on FBI task forces. However, nothing is quite what it seems and the 9 team members must work together to figure out who among them isn’t quite what they seem. Who do you trust, who do you fear, but more importantly how do you get off an island without a boat or a radio when you’re being hunted? LL Cool J plays a Baltimore Police officer after some more training, Val Kilmer is the head profiler who sent them to the island, Jonny Lee Miller and Christian Slater round out this 2004 cast. Action-packed, suspenseful, and a sprinkling of quotable dialog gems makes this a nice way to round out a weekend.

This title can be found for free on Tubi or streamed with your Hoopla account.

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