Legend (2015)


Reviewed by Zach S (Library Staff)

When adapting real life events into the confines of a motion picture, directors are often tasked with having to find ways to turn facts into themes and people into characters. 2015’s “Legend” is an example as to how a director can blend historical facts and a well crafted story without either of those factors weighing the other one down. That, along with Tom Hardy’s double performances as the Kray brothers (Britain’s most notorious twin gangsters in the 1960’s), anchor the film. Hardy and director Brian Helgeland know when to inject their story with theatricality and when to let events unfold as they really had, often in very bloody fashion. The result is a genuinely compelling film that offers us a glimpse into the rise and fall of two men like no other. As flamboyant as they were deplorable, the story of the Kray’s is undeniably legendary.

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