Juliet, Naked (2018)

Reviewed by Melissa Beck (Library Staff)

I don’t watch very many movies. They make it to my “To Watch” list and languish there for months or years while I read books instead. But when I heard about this one, I checked it out and watched it immediately and here I am suggesting you do the same.

The premise is quite far-fetched but this gentle romantic comedy makes you believe it could happen. So Annie is in this long-term, dead-end relationship with Duncan, who is far more in love with the music of washed-up, reclusive Tucker Crowe than he ever will be with Annie. Just as Annie begins to seriously question the life choices that have brought her to where she is, she unexpectedly strikes up a soul-bearing email friendship with none other than…Tucker Crowe.

I read the book this film is based on nearly 10 years ago and remember being very touched by it and continuing to recommend it to anyone who likes High Fidelity or any Nick Hornby books or movies. Nick Hornby has a way of capturing such real humanity in his characters, making them completely vulnerable and relatable. I am pleased to report that this delightful adaptation gave me all the same warm feelings that reading the book did a decade ago.

Available through the Bridges Library System


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