John Wick (2014)

john wick

Reviewed by Diane (Library Staff)

What makes John Wick a great way to spend an hour and forty-one minutes is that it takes the revenge against villains action stereotypes and stands them on their head. Yes, a lot of bullets fly but they do so with a cinematic flair that aficionados will appreciate and find a breath of fresh air.

Keanu Reeves puts his heart and muscles into every imaginative fight scene, all of which are handled so that they are not just used in place of a commercial break. The dialog is top notch, full of speaking looks that convey so much of the story as tends to happen in conversations with longtime coworkers and associates.

Two things about this movie assured its place in my personal library. First, lines like, John Wick completed an “an impossible quest” the kind of quest the bogey man wouldn’t have survived, for a while he was the man we sent to kill the bogey man. Second, the ending was so perfectly touching and unexpected that I spent the next day talking it up to my coworkers.

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