iZombie (TV Series)

Reviewed by Melissa Beck (Library Staff)

If you’re the kind of person who sees the word zombie and says, “oh…nevermind,” KEEP READING! I’m talking to you. This show has so much more to it than zombies.

With the clever dialogue that you would expect from the executive producers of Veronica Mars, this unique take on the police procedural follows Liv Moore, a go-getter medical student who is forced to carve out a new path for her life when she is infected with the zombie virus. Now Liv survives by eating brains and enduring the unwanted side effect of experiencing flashbacks of the victim’s memories. However, enterprising Liv chooses to use this as an advantage by getting a job in the morgue and using her inside knowledge of the victims to assist the police with murder cases.

Each episode is a self-contained mystery within the overarching story and despite the violent cannibalistic premise, the show is actually pretty light on the gore and heavy on the mystery and great characters.

Honestly, I’m miffed at my friends about this one. I know that a few years ago I’d casually heard them say that they show was pretty good but I don’t know why they didn’t take me by the shoulders, look directly into my eyes and tell me, “You. You need to start this show right now. You will LOVE it.”

I’m trying to rectify their oversight by reaching out and (figuratively) grabbing your shoulders. If (like me) you appreciate the blend of humor and macabre in Veronica Mars or Pushing Daisies, you will find a lot to love in iZombie.

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