Into the Grey by Celine Kiernan

Reviewed by Kelsey (Library Staff)

With their family home and all their worldly possessions burned to ash, all that’s left is for Pat and Dom’s family to relocate to some shoddy cottage along Ireland’s coast. The people of the village are equally shoddy to boot, like the old men who haven’t forgotten the Wars. And all that pales in comparison to what’s happening to Dom the longer they stay.

Patrick notices his twin changing right away. It’s as though the life is draining from his body and mind. Then Pat sees Dominick talking to a new friend. A little boy bled of all color, with solid black eyes.

Celine Kiernan’s chilling thriller starts in 1970’s Ireland, but spans back to the Irish War of Independence and World War One. She gives an interesting look into generation relations and the consequences of the 20th century on Ireland and its people. There’s also the small matter of the supernatural world. Kiernan takes a unique approach to the ghostly elements and how they affect the living. The narrator, Patrick, is someone both teens and adults can relate to. He, along with the other characters, help make a moving story about brotherhood and love that is posed like a horror novel.
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