If you liked The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory…

…then try one of these similar titles!

Equal of the Sun / Anita Amirrezvani

When the court of 16th-century Iran is thrown into turmoil by the heirless Shah’s death, his daughter, Princess Pari, incites dissent with her efforts to instill order and taps the assistance of a eunuch servant to navigate a Machiavellian power struggle.


The Queen’s Lover / Vanora Bennett

Catherine de Valois, widow of Henry V, finds both strength and kinship with her childhood friend, Owain Tudor. When their friendship turns to love she risks her life, her son’s life, and the uneasy balance of power in England and France.


The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette / Carolly Erickson

Awaiting her execution, Marie Antoinette writes the story of her life, describing her privileged childhood as an Austrian archduchess, years as the glamorous mistress of Versailles, and imprisonment during the French Revolution.


The Last Queen / C.W. Gortner

A fictional portrait of the last queen of Spanish blood to inherit the throne chronicles the troubled and turbulent life of Juana of Castile, daughter of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand, sister of Catherine of Aragon, and mother of Hapsburg Emperor Charles V, as she becomes caught up in the fierce struggle for control of the throne of Spain.

Gone with the Windsors / Laurie Graham

In a fictional diary, Maybell Brumby, a wealthy, young American widow, records the efforts of her best friend, Wallis Simpson, to land the world’s most eligible bachelor, Edward, the future king of England.


The Secret Bride: In the Court of Henry VIII / Diane Haeger

Discovering that her brother has promised her in marriage to the elderly and ailing King Louis of France, a grieving Mary Tudor, the determined younger sister of the ruthless King Henry VIII, agrees to the marriage, but only after extracting a promise from her brother that after the old king dies, she will be free to pursue her own destiny.

Lady Macbeth / Susan King

Lady Gruadh, called Rue, is the last female descendant of Scotland’s most royal line. Married to a northern lord, she is widowed while still carrying his child and forced to marry his murderer: a rising warlord named Macbeth. Encountering danger from Vikings, Saxons, and treacherous Scots, Rue comes to respect the man she once despised–then realizes that Macbeth’s complex ambitions extend beyond the borders of the vast northern region. Among powerful warlords and their steel-games, only Macbeth can unite Scotland–and his wife’s royal blood is the key to his ultimate success.

The Heretic Queen / Michelle Moran

In ancient Egypt, a forgotten princess must overcome her family’s past and remake history. Nefertari has been left to run wild in the palace, but catches the eye of the Crown Prince. All of Egypt opposes this union, and political adversity sets the country on edge.


Shadow Princess / Indu Sundaresan

A continuation of the series that includes The Feast of Roses returns readers to 17th-century India a few years after Menhrunnisa’s death, where sisters Jahanara and Roshanara plot against one another to seize power.


The Lady Elizabeth / Alison Weir

A vivid fictional portrait of the tumultuous early life of Queen Elizabeth I describes her perilous path to the throne of England and the scandal, political intrigues, and religious turmoil she confronted along the way, from the deaths of her parents, Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, to the fanaticism of her sister, Mary I.

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