If You Liked The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Then try one of these:

The Venetian Betrayal / Steve Berry

Ex-secret agent Cotton Malone and his partner, the enigmatic Cassiopeia Vitt, are pitted against ruthless Central Asian dictator Irina Zovastina as they scour the globe in search of the final resting place of Alexander the Great, unaware that his grave holds the key to a deadly modern mystery that could save the lives of millions.

The 6th Lamentation / William Broderick

When a suspected Nazi war criminal demands sanctuary from his church, an ex-lawyer turned priest finds his investigation paralleled by a search by a woman whose grandmother was betrayed by the Nazi criminal when she secretly worked to rescue Jewish children.


The Genesis Code / John Case

In a suburb of Washington, D.C., Joe Lassiter learns that his only sister and her young son have been killed in a fire that destroyed their house and soon discovers that the fire is part of a much larger conspiracy that he must stop.


The Last Templar / Raymond Khoury

With elegant music wafting through the alcoves of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, black-tied gentlemen and white-gowned ladies applaud the unveiling of the Treasures of the Vatican exhibit. Then suddenly–with sabers swinging and Uzis blazzing–four armor-clad hosemen in Templar garb gallop up the museum’s steps. Scattering the genteel crowd, they quickly snatch an ancient encoder and ride off into the night. Soon archaeologist Tess Chaykin and anti-terrorist agent Sean Ryan join forces, and sparks begin to fly as they race to unravel an ancient enigma.

The Servants of Twilight / Dean Koontz

Christine Scavello’s life turns into a nightmare when her son becomes a target for a group of religious fanatics who claim that the boy is the Antichrist and will stop at nothing in their efforts to kill him.


The Bourne Identity / Robert Ludlum

A shooting victim, suffering from amnesia, finds himself with a Swiss bank account in the name of Jason Bourne, a professional assassin being manipulated by a top-secret American government organization to kill his arch rival, the dreaded Carlos.


The Eight / Katherine Neville

A young novice during the French Revolution risks her life to keep a jeweled chess set that Moors gave Charlemagne, and in the 20th century, a computer expert and a chess master try to solve its mystery.


The Codex / Douglas Preston

The mysterious disappearance of treasure hunter and adventurer Maxwell Broadbent–along with his riches–sends his three sons on a search for their father, who has hidden himself and his treasures, in order to claim their inheritance.


Map of Bones / James Rollins

During midnight mass, the massive Gothic cathedral in Cologne, Germany is ransacked by armed monks, ancient relics are stolen, and hundreds of people are murdered. The Vatican secretly requests assistance from the U.S. Dept. of Defense Sigma Force. Commander Gray Pierce and his team begin a harrowing race against a heretical gnostic sect seeking to discover the true nature of the missing bones of the Magi.

The Confessor / Daniel Silva

In the wake of a Munich writer’s assassination, Mossad agent Gabriel Allon and Vatican priest Pietro embark on dangerous journeys that reveal long-buried secrets affecting the fates of millions of people.

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