If you liked Gone with the Wind…

…then try one of these similar books!

Rebel / Bernard Cornwell

Nate Starbuck flees the North after helping a woman steal money she claimed as her own where he begins to fight for the Confederacy.


The Red Badge of Courage / Stephen Crane

Henry Fleming, a young Union soldier, struggles with his conflicting emotions about violence, death, and the nature of bravery in this ironic, skeptical account of the Civil War.


The March / E.L. Doctorow

Union General William Tecumseh Sherman’s devastating march through Georgia and the Carolinas during the final years of the Civil War has a profound impact on the outcome of the war.


Cold Mountain / Charles Frazier

After Inman escapes from a war hospital in 1864 and starts walking to Cold Mountain, Ada struggles to save her mountain farm with the help of Ruby, an illiterate but efficient farmer.


Enemy Women / Paulette Jiles

Follows Adair, the daughter of modest farmers in the Missouri Ozarks, who is wrongly accused of enemy collaboration by the Union militia, as she falls in love with her interrogator and embarks on a perilous journey to find her family.


South of Shiloh / Chuck Logan

When her husband is accidentally killed by a sniper’s bullet intended for a police officer, Jenny Edin enlists the help of news photographer John Rane, who during a subsequent investigation in the Tennessee-Mississippi border country uncovers a murderous plot by greedy land developers.


Jacob’s Ladder: A Story of Virginia During the War / Donald McCraig

When a Works Project Administration writer interviews an old woman in 1934, he learns the secrets of a prominent Virginia family before and during the Civil War.


Coal Black Horse / Robert Olmstead

When Robey Childs’s mother experiences a premonition about her husband, a Civil War soldier, she sends her only son to retrieve his father from the battlefield, accompanied by a horse that becomes his only companion as he makes his way through the destruction of war.


Fire on the Waters: A Novel of the Civil War at Sea / David Poyer

With the outbreak of the Civil War, New Yorker Eli Eaker enlists in the Union Navy against his father’s wishes and joins the crew of Captain Parker Bucyrus Trezevant, who is sailing south to help protect Fort Sumter.


The Killer Angels: A Novel of the Civil War / Michael Shaara

Robert E. Lee and James Longstreet tell the Southern view of the battle at Gettysburg while Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and General John Buford present the Northern view.

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