I Don’t Like Koala by Sean Ferrell

Reviewed by Amanda (Library Staff)

I don’t like Koala by Sean Ferrell is a strange, funny and slightly dark picture book about a boy named Adam and his creepy stuffed Koala bear. Adam gets a stuffed Koala bear for a gift and immediately he dislikes it. “Koala is the most terrible terrible. He has terrible eyes that follow Adam everywhere he goes.” He tries to explain this to his parents but they don’t seem to understand. Adam tries to get rid of Koala but the stuffed bear turns up wherever Adam is. Every night Adam tries to sleep without Koala next to him, but “Koala is always there. In his bed. On his pillow. Closer than close.” One night Adam is trying to sleep and gets scared. He realizes he likes having Koala in his bed with him, keeping him safe. The last page Adam’s parents check in on him and realize how creepy Koala looks.

The illustrations by Charles Santoso are absolutely amazing. They are extremely funny while having creepiness to them. The expressions on Adam’s face are hilarious as he tries to get rid of Koala.

This book is definitely not for toddlers but would make many older elementary children laugh and would be a fun read for adults. I genuinely laughed out loud while reading this book.

Located in Children’s Picture Books (E FERRELL)

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