How We Got to Now: Six Innovations that Made the Modern World by Steven Johnson

Reviewed by Marcy (Library Staff)

You may have seen Steve’s PBS series that chronicles the book. The available DVD version is a great short-cut.
I found the book engaging, akin to the interesting discoveries you read about in Devil in the White City sans story line.

The six innovations are Glass – What would we do without lenses, fiberglass, medical equipment?, Cold, Sound, Clean – Plumbing anyone?, Time – Time wasn’t always synchronized, and Light. Steve brought us in awe of the discoveries and their development as I grew in appreciation of the garage inventors. It reminded me of the classic book Future Shock in which the author feels creativity must grow hand in hand with technology or we will be overcome by tech.

Great DVD to watch with family. Clap hands to the curious and determined!!!

Available through the CAFE library system.

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