Good Guys, Bad Guys by Joanne Rocklin

Reviewed by Taylor H (Library Staff)

This joyful, lively picture book features a group of neighborhood friends and their day of imaginative play. Separated into two groups—the “good guys” and the “bad guys”—the children find themselves out on the ocean, headed to outer space, and causing mischief on a farm. The bad guys are always causing trouble, but the good guys are always there to save the day, whether it be rescuing you from having to walk the plank or zooming in with capes to rescue the human race. The book’s rhyming text bounces along, and the illustrations show large smiles on all the kids’ faces. At the end of the day, they all must go home to their own houses, but there is already talk of how they will play tomorrow. This is a great book showcasing kids playing together and using their imaginations. Overall, a very fun read!

Located in Children’s Picture Books (E ROCKLIN)

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