Books and Media

  • We greatly appreciate
    • Books
    • DVDs
    • Blu-rays
    • Music CDs
    • Audiobooks
    • Current magazines (library drop-off only)
    • Current textbooks
    • Items in good condition with no pen, pencil, or highlighter markings
  • We do not accept
    • Encyclopedia sets
    • Old magazines
    • Old textbooks
    • Computer or medical books older than 3 years
    • Travel books or maps older than 3 years
    • Yearbooks
    • Puzzle books
    • Condensed book compilations (such as Reader’s Digest)
    • Discards from another library
    • Items with mold or a musty/smoky odor
    • Items missing pages or parts
    • Outdated media formats such as
      • Cassette tapes
      • VHS tapes
      • Phonograph records
      • CD-ROMs
      • Floppy discs

How to Donate

  • Material donations can be made at any time of day in the blue drop box outside the door of the Friends Used Bookstore
  • For donations too large to fit in the drop box
    • Drop off during Friends book sale days (1st and 3rd Saturday of each month)
    • Or contact Char Hall (262) 646-4519 or Marty Wiley (262) 366-7825 to make arrangements
  • Donation receipts for tax purposes are available upon request
  • Other guidelines
    • Materials donated to the library cannot be accepted on a conditional basis
    • Items not added to the collection cannot be returned to the donor
    • All containers become the property of the library

Planned Giving

  • When estate planning, consider making a bequest to the library
  • More information

Map to the Friends Book Sale

Entrance to Friends Used Bookstore
Entrance to Friends Used Bookstore
Blue drop box
Drop box for donations. Available 24 hours a day.