Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

The ship you are on is about to explode unless you and your team of up to five players can defuse twenty-four bombs in ten minutes. Do you have nerves of steel and steady hands to beat the clock? I can tell you, dear patron, that when I had a chance to play this game my hands shook. The game starts with ten minutes on the clock and two bomb cards placed in front of each player and three face up from the deck in the middle of the table. Once the timer starts the first player draws one dice for each player out of the bag and rolls it. Each player chooses one of the dice that fits on one of their cards, if a player can’t take a dice it is then re-rolled and any dice with that color or number goes back into the bag, then the next player rolls, going around the circle until the time expires. A card that is filled gets flipped over for the table and the player takes a card to replace the completed card. The team wins if all the cards from the middle are moved in front of players meaning that over twenty bombs will have been solved.
The time limit on the game is excellent for beginning game nights; the time pressure makes it a bit tricky for some groups, and adds a layer of excitement for others. The cooperative nature, the simple rules, paired with the dice mechanic makes this a game worth playing at your next game night.

Located in Games (GAME FUSE)

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