Front Desk by Kelly Yang

Reviewed by Amanda K (Library Staff)

Front Desk is an extraordinary book about poverty, immigration and what it means to be a family. The book takes place in the early 90’s, when Mia and her family moves to the USA from China. Mia’s family has been from one low paying job to another and had even lived out of their car. When Mia’s parents get a job working at a motel, they think that their problems are finally solved. However, they soon realize how racism and the exploitation immigrants can affect their family and friends.

However intense subject matter, Mia is always hopeful and thoughtful. The reader is constantly rooting for her and her family. A wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring read.

This book is based off of the author’s own life and rings true and is one of my favorite books published in 2018.

Located in Children’s Fiction (J FIC YANG)

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