Footprints in the Dust by Roberta Gately

Reviewed by Jayne S (Library Staff)

“You’re never so alive as when you’re living on the edge and risking it all to help.”

Roberta Gately’s memoir is the sequel to her first book, Lipstick in Afghanistan.

In the 1980s Roberta decided to take a leave of absence from her Boston ER nursing job to do humanitarian aid in Pakistan. After her first stint, she was hooked, and proceeded to volunteer for many years in war-torn, desperate places around the world.

From Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, The Balkans, Iraq and Darfur, she encountered the devastation of wars, especially to women and children. She tells the real life stories of these people: the horrors of their daily lives, their determination to survive and their hope for a better future.

This book gave compassionate, eye-opening perspective of refugee plights, well beyond the news stories we see on television. Roberta is an inspiring woman. She now does speaking engagements on the world’s refugees, I would love to hear her speak.

I recommend this book.

Available through the Bridges Library System

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