Firestorm at Peshtigo by Denise Gess & William Lutz

Reviewed by Pat P (Library Patron)

If you have never read a book about the great Peshtigo fire, you must read this book. If you have read other books on the great Peshtigo fire, you must read this book! I have read other works on this great, devastating fire and find Gess & Lutz’s additional information on the weather, land clearing practices, politics, and the accounts of a ship captain, the governor and his wife, and the wisdom of Increase Lapham and others, give intriguing facts into the development of this horrific fire – it was a perfect storm, literally. The tornado force wind and fire sent fireballs into this town that lifted houses and threw them a hundred feet, destroying the town in less than one hour and killing 2,000. A vivid, compelling account of the October 8, 1871 Wisconsin night.

Located in Nonfiction (977.533 GES)

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