Fire at Peshtigo by Robert W. Wells


Reviewed by Pat Plamann (Library Staff)

Amazing book! I had known about the Peshtigo fire, I even had a neighbor who grew up in Peshtigo 50 years after the fire, and was surrounded by the history, which he shared with me. Upon picking up this book, I found I still knew little about this ferocious fire. Wells speaks of the causes and effects of the fire, as well as the lives of the people who lived and worked in what was a frontier at that time He includes a page that maps out the over one million acres burned, a very shocking graphic. He reports astounding personal stories of families who were homesteaders, business owners and lumberjacks, some living through the fire, others not.

Fire at Peshtigo is not a new book with a copyright of 1968, but you will find you cannot put it down. A Wisconsin history must read.

Located in Adult Nonfiction (977.53 WEL)

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