Far From the Tree (2018)

Reviewed by Kelsey (Library Staff)

Every family is different, every child is different and there is no right or wrong formula for how to raise “normal” kids. This documentary, a follow up to the New York Times bestseller, considers the different forms family can take and gives a profoundly human look at families raising children that society deems “abnormal”; a son with Down syndrome, a daughter with dwarfism, a son who is gay, and a couple with a nonverbal autistic son. While this movie should be on everyone’s must watch list in an effort to open our eyes to the wider world around us and to see things from another’s perspective, I do believe it will resonate strongly with those parents who have struggled or are currently struggling to understand their own children. At only an hour and a half long, this documentary holds your attention and your heart strings and I definitely had moments of awe while watching it. It won’t surprise you to see the depth of these parents love for their children, but I think it will shock you how “normal” these children are.

Located in DVDs (DVD 305.9 FAR)

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