Every Vow You Break by Peter Swanson

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

Every Vow You Break is the first novel I’ve read by Peter Swanson and I liked it enough to pick up another of his mysteries to try next. This book begins with a freshly married couple who travel to a private island to celebrate their honeymoon. However, new bride Abigail Baskin feels immediate unease upon arriving at the ostentatious resort which is overstaffed with creepily attentive workers, 99% of which are men. Her nerves are frayed when she encounters the same man she’d been intimate with on the eve of her bachelorette party and all chances of an enjoyable honeymoon vanish when the only other woman on the resort vanishes unexpectedly.

This book heaps the eerie on early but I want to encourage you to keep up with it because you don’t get that I-can’t-put-this-down pull to the title until you’re about a third of the way though. But when it came, it hit me hard. If you have a more of a psychic eye than I do, you may have a guess at the ending, as my good friend did, but I myself didn’t see it coming. That might be why I love mysteries so much, I can see a hundred threads of possible outcomes trailing off like shooting stars but seldom pick the one it turns out to be. I’m always surprised that way!

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC SWANSON)

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