Summer Reading Program 2020

June 15 – July 31, 2020

This summer our reading program looks a little bit different than previous years but the heart of it has remained unchanged–we want you and your family to look forward to reading this summer, whatever that takes. Our program is still designed to do just that!

Our 2020 Summer Reading Program is for all ages and will be logged completely digitally this year.

Register for the program

  1. Visit or download the Beanstack Tracker app on your mobile device
  2. Set up an account for one family member with a username and password
  3. Add family members to the account you just set up
  4. Register for challenges–family members will be eligible for different challenges based on their age

For more detailed instructions, our Start Guide is here to help!

How it all works

  • 1 badge = 1 ticket to apply to a raffle prize
  • Earn badges by
    • Registering for a reading challenge
    • Logging your time spent reading
    • Finishing 3 of the 5 activities in an activity theme
    • Completing the program by earning 10 badges
      • Why stop there? More badges = more chances to win!
      • Children 11 and under will also earn a packet of prizes to pick up at the library after completing the program
  • Prize winners for the raffle prizes will be drawn in August

This project was brought to you by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant LS-00-19-0050-19. 


We are hosting SO MANY interactive, educational, hands-on, and just plain fun events this summer for all ages! Visit our events page to see what’s happening. You’ll see:

  • Contests
  • Crafts
  • Interactive performances
  • Lectures
  • Trivia
  • and so much more!

Something just for adults

If you are over 18, be sure to sign up for our Adult Summer Newsletter. You’ll get weekly emails from us in June and July that are chock-full of recommendations and rollicking fun just for adults. Why should kids get all that summer reading fun?