Eternals by Neil Gaiman

Reviewed by Jess H (Library Staff)

Before the announcement of the new Eternals movie from Marvel, I hadn’t really heard of these characters before. I decided to read Neil Gaiman’s Eternals run as a way to get a little familiar with the characters.

The overall story is that the Eternals lost their memories and have been living their lives as regular human beings. The Eternals need to find each other, figure out why their memories are gone, and also deal with the resurgence of the Deviants.

I enjoyed the lore and worldbuilding of Eternals and overall the art by John Romita Jr. is solid and exciting.

Though I did enjoy the story, I wouldn’t say this was a perfect introduction to the characters. If you’re already familiar with the Eternals, then you’ll probably get more out of this book than I did.

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