Dry by Neal Shusterman & Jarrod Shusterman

Reviewed by Melissa Beck (Library Staff)

In this terrifyingly believable apocalypse, California has run out of water and suburban teenager Alyssa and her little brother Garrett find themselves on a journey of survival. Their experiences range from that first bewildering trip to Costco to find that cases of water are completely sold out, through their neighbors shift from civility to violence practically overnight, and finally to–well, I’m not going to tell you where they end up but it is quite far from “Gee, how weird that Costco is out of water.”

Alyssa and Garrett end up joining forces with some pretty unlikely companions (like that old saying, “apocalypses make strange bedfellows”…or something like that) who range in age from 10-20 and come from all different economic and family situations. Narration alternates between our handful of main characters, and also includes quick snapshots of what other people are experiencing, painting a very broad picture of a crisis of this scope with extremely engaging and straightforward writing.

As you read, you can’t help but ask yourself what you would do in these situations, and the answers become far more uncomfortable than you would have thought possible when you casually started this book with a tall glass of ice water by your side.

Located in Teen Fiction (TEEN FIC SHUSTERMAN)

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