Dragnet: Official Files

Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

I grew up watching black and white Dragnet reruns with Sgt. Joe Friday giving just the facts in his no nonsense manor. The plots were simple ,the story lines straight forward, and the ultimate message of don’t be a criminal and respect your local police came through loud and clear. So when I saw a CDBOOK of the old radio show I knew I had to take this walk down memory lane. Sgt. Joe Friday starts each segment with introductions of himself and his partner and then runs down what they do to solve the case. The radio show includes sound effects and commercial breaks and the announcement that while cases are real the names were changed to protect the innocent which leads the researcher in me to google some of the actual cases. Anyone who likes true crime but doesn’t really want all the details would find this series interesting as they gloss over a lot of the details to just give you the gist of what happens, as for me, I’m waiting for the next installment to find out if Sgt. Friday ends up with Police woman Jansen and what other crimes the Los Angeles Police Department solved back in the 60s. I will warn you that the commercials are prevalent and not ones I’m surprised are still included as they are for tobacco.

Available through the Bridges Library System

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