DNA by Backstreet Boys

Reviewed by Emily Terasa (Library Staff)

Backstreet’s back all right! I’ve been a fan of Backstreet Boys since I was little. I remember jamming along to some of their greatest hits, “Everybody”, “Shape of My Heart”, “I Want It That Way”, and “Larger Than Life.” So when I heard they were coming out with a new CD and going on a World Tour, I was excited. So I bought my tickets for the concert, and with the ticket came a copy of their new CD, DNA. I was pumped to listen to it, and I was not disappointed.

I’ve listened to DNA probably 5 or 6 times through and I have to say, I like all of the songs. They are catchy, upbeat, and just fun. Some of my favorites are “Breathe”, “New Love”, “Chances”, “No Place”, and “Chateau.” After listening to the CD, I can’t wait for the concert so I can sing along to both old songs and new!


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