Dirty John (2018)

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

This TV series is adapted from an extremely popular true-crime podcast about John Meehan, a man who makes a career by lying. From fighting in Iraq to treating patients experiencing debilitating pain with his vast medical expertise, there is no line John isn’t willing to cross accompanied by a handy explanation or six ready in his back pocket to keep him out of trouble. He swoops into Debra’s beautiful, expensive life and in less than two months, moves in, deflects Debra’s children from seeing her, adds his name to her financial accounts and marries her. Aghast by their foolish mother, the daughters and her nephew do everything they can to tell Debra there’s something wrong with John, but she refuses to hear any of it. Even as the foundations the couple hastily built together begin cracking, Debra calmly and with a gratingly soft voice, chooses to ignore direct evidence of John’s harmful behavior towards her children and picks him over them numerous times. Vapid, entitled and equip with unfortunate California valley girl accents, it was the girls that kept me watching regardless. Slighted left and right, the siblings don’t give up on their mom and put themselves in harm’s way to keep an eye on her. Without spoiling anything, Debra couldn’t be more right near the end when she remarks, “this isn’t going to make me look very good.” It sure doesn’t, Debra.

Located in TV Series (TV SERIES DIRTY)

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