Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

Reviewed by Holly (Library Patron)

This book explores the scenario of being the underage sole survivor of a plane crash. The author treats the reader to an extraordinary insight and tale of a middle school aged kid who has to adjust to a new life with an aunt and uncle. He has to attend school for the first time vs the home schooling he was used to. The book also tells of the publicity that is thrust upon Edward. While the story tells that Edward is in therapy it doesn’t really say too much about the focus or direction of those sessions. Quite a bit into the book the reader finds out about letters that many people have written to the main character, Edward. The book made me aware of how a seemingly small letter from one person can multiply and impact the life of it’s recipient. The fact that Edward received so many letters was unreal. Having read this book would lead me to either never write a letter like those in the book or write one and never send it. I would like the sole survivor to become the person they should be without exterior pressure. A point of view I may not have realized without reading this book. So in that sense this book was eye opening.

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC NAPOLITANO)

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