Deadpool (2016)

Reviewed by Zach S (Library Staff)

2016 was very much a “make or break” year for the superhero genre. It saw no less than 7 major Hollywood releases, all seeking to please fans and critics alike whilst also taking home a healthy box office return. It came as a shock to the film industry and fans alike when perhaps what appeared to be the most unconventional of those 7 superhero films wound up not only being one of the most refreshing takes on the superhero genre, but also a box office juggernaut. Deadpool, the directorial debut of Tim Miller, spins off from the X-men franchise and follows wise cracking assassin Wade Wilson as he attempts to seek revenge against the people who mutated and disfigured him. What’s so striking and distinct about Deadpool is how it refuses to stick to the normality’s of a conventional superhero movie. It’s first and foremost a raunchy R-rated comedy, it just so happens that it stars a comic book character. This film is liberated by its leads irreverent take on the world and his attitude towards heroism. “Deadpool” works so well because it’s not tying to follow a formula or be like anything that has come before it, but instead, embraces the weirdness of its source material and crafts a story that can stand on its own without having to constantly reference past events of the X-Men films. When the film does pull from the ‘X-Men lore’ it’s organic and serves the story. The producers, writers, and especially the film’s lead took a huge chance on this film and sacrificed a lot to make a very different and distinct kind of movie that they hoped would resonate with audiences . If its 783 million dollar box office return is any indication, they succeeded.

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