Dark Waters (2019)

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

This film is the true story of an Ohio lawyer who walked away from defending large, powerful companies to work an environmental case that would carry him through the next three decades. Rob Bilott, played by Mark Ruffalo, tackles the chemical giant DuPont, who were well aware the 7,100 tons of toxic chemicals they were contaminating the water system with were directly linked to a variety of diseases, including kidney and testicular cancer. Bilott was one man representing over 70,000 people, fighting the blatant negligence of a company worth millions. The injustice Bilott faced was maddening but I couldn’t look away from this film and am grateful he didn’t wait for a change but fought, refused to quit and became the change that that town and the world needed to see.

Located in DVDs (DVD DARK)

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