Dairy-free gluten-free baking cookbook : 75+ delicious cookies, cakes, pies, breads & more by Daniellle Fahrenkrug

Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

I loved the concept of this book as we move towards picnic season you never know when you are going to need a gluten-free recipe and when you can bring something that is safe for a variety of food sensitivities it’s a win all around. The beginning of this book gets a gold star if you are just starting to bake gluten or dairy free and are not really sure about how the different flours react, what substitutes actually work or even where to start. The second half was a little disappointing. I loved how the variety and the set up but as much as I love to bake I still need a recipe to have all of the directions, and not list ingredients without telling me what to do with them. Did it ruin the recipe I was making no because I was working on a forgiving cookie, but I didn’t even touch the bread section because of the unreliable breakfast section. If you are just starting out in the gluten free baking life, give this one a look, but read through all the ingredients and steps before you start.

Available through the Bridges Library System

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