Cuz I Love You by Lizzo

Reviewed by Stephanie Ramirez (Library Staff)

Just when you thought you heard everything in music, along comes Lizzo! This album is a much-needed breath of fresh air to the music industry and an absolute masterpiece from Lizzo. Although she has been making music the last few years, “Cuz I Love You” rockets her (and the listener) to another stratosphere. From the soulful, agonizing title track where you can almost physically hear her pain to her club hit collaboration with Missy Elliott “Tempo” to her odes to self-love “Truth Hurts” and “Soulmate,” each track leads the listener down a path of sonic empowerment. Although I hadn’t heard of her until recently, I will be eagerly following her career from now on and can’t wait to hear what is next.

Reviewed by Jen Bremer (Library Staff)

Lizzo recently headlined at Summerfest and after listening to this CD I am crushed that I missed it. “Cuz I Love You” is the confident building, self love encourage, accept yourself album of a lifetime. Dance-able beats will have you rocking out while doing the dishes and feeling all kinds of powerful. Songs “Soulmate” and “Like A Girl” are the definite stars of the album, but truthfully, all of the songs are amazingly written and performed. If you enjoy empowering hip hop music, you absolutely will love Lizzo and this album.


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