Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Reviewed by Emily Terasa (Library Staff)

Rachel Chu (played by the amazing Constance Wu) is a NYU professor, living in New York with her boyfriend Nick Young (played by the extremely handsome Henry Golding). They set off for Singapore to attend a friend’s wedding, and while there Rachel realizes that Nick is not who he says he is, he is RICH! Like crazy rich. And his family is one of the most well-known, old-money families in Asia. This causes problems because Rachel does not come from money, and both Nick’s mother and grandmother look down on her. Will they last? Will his family drive them apart?

There are a few things that stand out in this movie. 1) The location! Singapore is absolutely amazing and I want to visit now! 2) The Cast! This cast is fabulous. Constance Wu is so lovely yet strong as Rachel that you just can’t help root for her. Henry Golding plays the rich but caring love interest to a T. Gemma Chan plays Nick’s cousin Astrid and she is stoic and beautiful even in the face of adversity. Michelle Yeoh plays Nick’s mother Eleanor, and while on the surface she seems like the mean mother-in-law, throughout the movie you come to understand a little more about her and why she is the way she is. 3) Awkwafina! She steals the movie. Awkwafina plays Rachel’s friend from college Peik Lin Goh and oh my goodness is she hilarious. Every time she is on the screen you just have to laugh, whether it is dinner with her family or giving Rachel a makeover. I could watch a movie solely about her character!

Based off of the bestselling novel by Kevin Kwan, the movie Crazy Rich Asians is a sumptuous, spectacular feast for the eyes. Even if you haven’t read the book, I recommend seeing this movie as soon as you can. It is fun, uplifting, romantic, hilarious, beautiful, interesting, deep, and so many more adjectives. Just see it!

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