Churchill (2017)

Reviewed by Katy Zignego (Library Staff)

My husband and I rarely have time to sit down and watch a movie together, but we made time last week to watch Churchill. We are both history buffs, and World War II is an area of particular interest for my husband, so we were really looking forward to seeing the movie. 105 interminable minutes later, we were only looking forward to turning it off and going to sleep.

What could have gone wrong, you ask, with a subject as compelling as Winston Churchill, portrayed by an actor as skilled as Brian Cox? The script, dear friends. The entire movie is premised upon Churchill’s reluctance to agree to the D-Day invasion, and every. single. scene. is a version of this exchange:

Churchill: It’s a terrible plan. All our brave young men will die pointlessly.

Eisenhower: Nope, it’ll be fine. Go drink in the corner, old man.

Of course, other historical characters–portrayed by other fantastic actors–stand in for Eisenhower on occasion. I particularly loved Julian Wadham as Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, and James Purefoy did a creditable King George VI. But all the quality acting in the world couldn’t distract me from the utter lack of a compelling plot.


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