Breakout Kings (2011)


Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

I’m sure you have heard the expressions, “it takes a thief to catch a thief” and “fight fire with fire”. U.S. Marshals Charlie Duchamp and Ray Zancanelli take those adages to heart and apply them to fugitive retrieval. The U.S Marshals form a special task force using the special knowledge of three convicted felons to help them hunt down other criminals who break out of prison. The deal is simple, for every fugitive they catch a month is taken off their sentences and they serve their time in a minimum security facility. The catch, anyone runs and they all go back to maximum security with their sentences doubled. Unconventional methods, special insights, and quirky characters make this police procedural unique in a cluttered genre. I enjoyed watching the characters change from stereotypes to “real” people as they got to know each other and became comfortable with the fact that the team is everyone’s second chance.

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