Belly Dance Fitness for Beginners

Reviewed by Jayne S (Library Staff)

The instructional DVD featured identical twin women demonstrating the moves. It showed each move and then put them together to create the dance. I realized that Pilates and yoga are incorporated into the routines.
It does give a good workout.

I felt pretty silly doing the moves. Happily I was alone except for my dog. Lilydog was so embarrassed for me that she hid behind the couch until I finished.

The dancers were beautiful women, I felt relieved when I noted the DVD was copyrighted in 1999. They probably can still bounce quarters from their tummies, but at least they should have a few gray hairs by now.

If you need to change up your exercise routine, give this DVD a try, It was fun.

Located in Nonfiction DVDs (DVD 613.71 BEL)

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